where forest-covered mountain ranges and hills meet vast deserts and rolling steppe, is to experience the immense beauty and power of nature. We invite you to travel her wilderness expanses. Today, Mongolia seems like the end of the earth, and just outside the modern capitol city of Ulaanbaatar, you may begin to wonder if you haven't stepped into another century, rather than another country.

There you will meet the Mongol people, hospitable nomadic herders, who have been building and living in the traditional Ger for the past 2000 years.

These descendants of the great warriors of Chinggis Khaan are some of the kindest and gentlest people you will ever meet. They welcome you to a world where the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence, because, in rural Mongolia, there are no fences!

It's hard to beat Mongolia for outdoor travel, particularly during her mild, sunny summer. Camping, hiking, horseback riding and driving through Mongolia's stunning landscapes - from lush pastures to alpine forests to endless desert - offer the visitor a dream vacation in one of the last great adventure destinations in the World.

But there is so much more when you come to Mongolia with us. We open the doors to Mongolia's cultural richness for you. The International Culture Exchange Society, your host in Mongolia, is the first organization dedicated to promoting Mongolia's traditional and contemporary arts and culture.

showcase the world's finest shamanic dancers,horse fiddle players, throat singers and contortionists. Our connection to the finest visual artists in Mongolia brings you into their studios. Our friendly, energetic and helpful staff always has its finger on the pulse of Ulaanbaatar's vibrant nightlife.

From the Gobi to Lake Huvsgul; Altai to Khentii, long songs to pop songs, and from Naadam to Tsaagan Sar, you will get the best that Mongolia has to offer. Browse our site! Together we will create an experience with the Mongolian people and her magnificent countryside that you will never forget!